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DE925 Pager

  • 32 RICswith 4 sub addresses each
  • Fully graphical display
  • Supports Express-Alarm®, 9+1 user profiles, IDEA™-Encryption, multi-channel receiver

The DE925 is the logical next step up from the DE920. It is designed to meet the needs of more demanding users with its full graphic display. It ensures multiple compatibility and gives the user the option of displaying messages in either the 16-character format (and thereby compatible with Swissphone DE900/920 pagers) or in 20- or 21-character display format. This means that the pager is flexible and can be integrated in alarm signal networks optimised for a prescribed character per line specification.

Swissphone has also enlarged the display from three to five lines. When a message is opened, the status line vanishes and the newly available space is used as a fifth line for the message display. This makes a total text display size of up to 105 characters available to the user. Operating has been revised and configured even more ergonomically for full professional functionality that is intuitive and secure to operate. It is guaranteed to meet the highest demands.

Technical Specifications

Frequency bands VHF 4-m band 81 - 88 MHz
VHF 2-m band 138 - 174 MHz
UHF 70-cm band 430 - 470 MHz
Channel spacing 12.5, 20/25 kHz
Sensitivity 3.0 μV/m @ baudrate 512 bit/s
3.5 μV/m @ baudrate 1200 bit/s
4.0 μV/m @ baudrate 2400 bit/s
Frequency processing PLL, frequency adjustable via programming software
VHF: +/- 0.5 MHz
UHF: +/- 1.0 MHz
Compliance ETSI EN 300 390, TR-BOS DME II
Norms EN 60068-2-27 (shock)
EN 60068-2-6 (vibration)
EN 60068-2-32 (drop test)
EN 60529:1991 + A1:2000 IP52
Addresses 32 main addresses (RIC), with 4 sub addresses each, frame independent
Display - Fully graphical display
- Several different font sizes
Alerting - Acoustics > 85 dB(A) @ 30 cm distance
- 9 alerts/user profiles + 1 extension
- Vibration
Messages - 15 messages of up to 253 characters
- Up to 2 message folders and automatic storage tray, altogether 4096 characters storable
- 128 fixed texts. 32 characters can be stored
Battery Type AA battery. Operating time left (normal/ECO mode):
- Dry cell (1.5 V) 950/1300 h
- NiMH rechargeable battery (1.2V/2500 mAh) 800/1100 h
- NiMH plus rechargeable battery (1.2V/2000 mAh) 900/1200 h
Temperature range -20° C to +55° C
Dimensions 79 x 53 x 24 mm (H x W x D)
Weight 97 g (incl. battery)
Supports - Express-Alarm®
- On air programming
Options - IDEA™-Encryption (128 Bit)
- Multi channel (up to 9 channels)
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