Motorola Solutions Safety Reimagined Platform

Unifying voice, data, video and analytics in one integrated platform to enable individuals, businesses and communities to work together in more powerful ways

The Motorola Safety Reimagined Platform from DSC Communications

Protect your Employees and your Business with One Unified Solution

From the office to the plant floor, on the road and across locations, we all know that safety and security is important for the success of any business, but there are many challenges. Developing and implementing processes and technology to connect staff, teams, and locations can be a daunting and overwhelming endeavor. This doesn’t have to be the case today.

The Motorola Solutions Safety Reimagined Platform unifies voice, video, data, and analytics technologies on one platform. With Safety Reimagined you can increase security, improve safety, reduce costs, boost efficiency, and improve communications across staff, teams, and locations. These solutions are designed with our customers’ needs at their core; helping DSC Communications deliver on our promise of creating a safer world.

Learn How Safety Reimagined Can Help Your Operations

Safety Reimagined – The Next Generation of Smart Technologies

Improve Safety and Operations on One Platform

Leveraging Motorola’s Safety Reimagined Platform allows your day-to-day operations and emergency situations to be more manageable and measurable for predictable outcomes and optimizations.

Orchestrate workflow automation tool

Orchestrate is a simple to configure, easy-to-use cloud-based interface tool that gives administrators the ability to configure and automate their safety technology such as manufacturing communications and video security.

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