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DSC Communications Telecommunication Solutions for your Healthcare Facilities and staff

Stay Safe and Connected With Telecommunication Systems from DSC Communications

Healthcare is a challenging industry. There are more demands on healthcare professionals to deliver high quality care while undergoing staff cuts, reduced billing, and violence in the workplace. In fact, healthcare workers in hospitals, extended care, and nursing homes are increasingly at risk of experiencing violent incidents while working. Improving communications in healthcare facilities is the first line of defense. By improving communications between all departments, you can decrease harm to your staff, while also increasing efficiency within your facility.

At DSC Communications, we believe the best way to improve communication is by utilizing integrated telecommunication solutions across locations, and throughout your hospitals. With these systems, you will be able to seamlessly communicate with employees without having to rely on outdated technology. This makes it easy for medical professionals to communicate instantly, so they can spend more time focusing on their patients instead of worrying about potential issues.

DSC Communications Healthcare Solutions

Improve Efficiency, Productivity and Safety With Our Communication Solutions 

The healthcare industry is a high-risk environment for violence to staff by patients or visitors. In fact, violence against healthcare professionals has increased significantly over the past decade. According to a 2015 survey, 1 out of 4 nurses report being physically assaulted at work during their career and there were more than 300 reported assaults on healthcare workers in 2016.

DSC Communications, in partnership with Motorola Solutions, can offer a wide portfolio of wireless telecommunication solutions for healthcare teams in Wisconsin & Minnesota. Our integrated solutions will not only increase safety but also facilitate other positive organizational outcomes like improved efficiency. Motorola Solutions has developed a comprehensive solution platform, designed specifically to address issues in the healthcare industry. Utilizing Motorola digital two-way radio systems and Avigilon video systems, healthcare organizations can manage operations across campuses, hospitals, and labs.

DSC Communications Healthcare Services

High Quality Services For Your Healthcare Telecommunication Systems

Healthcare organizations are under a lot of pressure to keep up with the latest technology, manage their wireless systems, and plan for future expansion and requirements. With the increasing demand for telecommunication systems, hospitals, long term care facilities, and healthcare campuses, need a partner who can deliver and maintain reliable networks that support voice, video and data applications.

DSC Communications has over 25 years of experience installing high-quality communications systems in hospitals in Wisconsin & Minnesota, so you can rest assured that we will get your system up and running quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to your facilities or staff. Our expert team will work closely with you from design through implementation, so you know exactly what you’re getting before we begin installation, which means there are no surprises along the way. We offer a complete range of services including consulting support, maintenance agreements and turnkey installations, so all your telecom needs are taken care of by one trusted partner.

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