Mining Telecommunication Systems & Services

Seamless and Dependable Communication Across your Mining Operations For Increased Productivity and Improved Safety

Mining Telecommunication Solutions & Services

Improve Safety And Efficiency in Your Mining Operations

Mining is a very dangerous industry with operations that can experience industrial accidents and fatalities. This comes as no surprise, considering that many mines are located deep underground or at remote locations where it can take hours for emergency crews to reach them and provide medical attention. Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment is something that we all take seriously. Though the mining industry has made great strides in terms of safety, there are still many challenges to overcome, especially when it comes to remote operations and outdated telecommunications systems.

At DSC Communications, our wireless telecommunication systems are built for rugged environments and designed with safety features that make them ideal for mining operations. We understand your unique business needs, designing customized solutions for your specific requirements, and maintaining and servicing your critical communications systems. At DSC Communications, we know what it takes to protect your mining business from costly downtime, employee injuries, and poor communications. We provide industrial-grade telecommunications solutions that are tough enough to withstand your harsh working conditions.

DSC Communications Mining Telecommunications Solutions

Improve Safety and Communication In Your Mining Operation

Mining is a tough business and takes hard work and dedication to stay competitive in the global industry. There are many challenges facing miners today, including safety concerns and keeping workers connected on-site while maintaining compliance with government regulations. Finding a telecommunications partner that understands your unique business needs can be challenging.

DSC Communications has partnered with Motorola Solutions to provide innovative communications technology that helps your team stay safe and productive on the job site while complying with all safety standards. Through this partnership we can offer you rugged radio system designs, specifically for the mining industry so that your team members can communicate clearly and effectively, whether during day-to-day operations or during emergency situations. You also have access to a suite of safety focused systems and software, such as onsite communication coverage, video security and safety, and leading edge data platforms. These technologies help increase safety and productivity by making sure every person on your crew has situational awareness, and clear instructions to prevent an emergency from happening.

Mining Telecommunications Services

Protect Your Workers At All Times With High Quality Services for Mining Operations

Mining operations are dangerous. With heavy equipment, people working in confined spaces, and rugged work sites, it can be difficult to stay connected. Making sure your critical communications infrastructure and systems are working at all times is crucial. You need to work with a partner that understands your unique requirements, that will be able to service your operation at all times, and has the experience and training to keep your systems maintained to the highest level.

DSC Communications understands your needs and will work with you to design a telecommunication system that meets your unique requirements. We offer services for all types of mines—from small operations to large-scale mining companies—and we have experience installing and maintaining systems in both surface and underground mines. No matter what type of mine you operate, our team can help ensure that everyone on your team stays safe, productive, and connected at all times. Our wireless communications systems are designed and installed by the most experienced professionals in our industry, and backed by a team of technicians who have been trained on the latest technology to provide you with efficient solutions to any problem that may arise. And because we know how important it is for your business to stay operational 24/7, our service team is available around-the-clock in case of emergency situations or unexpected problems.

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