Motorola NTN2570 BLUETOOTH® Mission Critical Wireless Earpiece

Model Number:  NTN2570

wireless phone for essential operations with Bluetooth and 12-inch cable..

This best in class Bluetooth® wireless solution is a Mission Critical Wireless earpiece with a 12″ cable, designed specifically for first responders. It provides a truly secure link, easy pairing on the go, instant push-to-talk, in an all-day comfortable and durable earpiece.

When used with an XTS radio, PR1500 or MT1500, the PMLN5792 is required.

This earpiece is also compatible with MOTOTRBO’s enhanced Operations Critical Wireless Bluetooth adapter. When used with an XPR 6000 Series MOTOTRBO radio, the MOTOTRBO Operations Critical Wireless Adapter with touch pairing is required (PMLN5993).

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