Transportation and LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS

Move people and cargo safely and efficiently.

Your customers expect everything delivered when and where they want it. Meeting those expectations call for reliable, clear voice and data communications, extending from the warehouse to the point of delivery. Seamlessly communicate with Drivers who can respond safely without distraction, and track assets to maintain an efficient operation.

Instant, reliable communications help delivery and logistics businesses streamline operations, control costs and delight customers.


Fleet Management and Delivery Operations
Ensure smooth flow of finished goods into the hands of your customers with access to real-time data and always-on communications.
Warehouse and Distribution
Connect every worker so you can streamline and automate your processes, better manage risk, and respond to customers quickly.
Workplace Safety and Security
Improve the safety of your entire workforce and enhance security at your facility with the right communication solutions for your business.
Rail Transportation
Maximize the operation of your train systems with a reliable communications network that supports the full scope of your daily business.
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“Trucking revenues topped $700 billion for a second straight year, setting an all-time record of $726.4 billion in 2015, while trucks moved more than 10 billion tons of freight.”
Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, ATA American Trucking Trends, 2016
“Transportation and logistics companies must focus on innovation to sharpen their competitive edge… they should invest in new processes and technologies to differentiate themselves.”
Gartner: Predicts 2015 – Global Logistics Differentiating the Future
“Our ability to talk with managers, customer service, dispatch, truck drivers, and warehouse supervisors at the same time has eliminated a lot of our communication problems.”
General Manager of Logistics, The Kearney Companies, Inc.
“In 2015, trucks moved 10.49 billion tons, or 70.1% of all domestic freight. The $726.4 billion in revenue accounted for 81.5% of all freight transportation spending.”
ATA American Truck Trends, 2016
“With the excellent clarity of digital communications, our personnel are using radios and avoiding cell phones, which for truck drivers is absolutely imperative.”
President, The Kearney Companies, Inc.

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